Lesbos (December 2015)

Lesbos, Greek island scant 10 kilometers from Turkey, is where most refugees are arriving in Europe. Thousands every day.
Last bastion of occidental dignity that is drowning in front of her.
Battlefield where opposing sides of the human soul face.
Where you can feel shame and pride of the human being at the same time.
First break after the hasty escape for their lives.
After dark road, here they blunt some bright lights of humanity who come to their aid to clothe, feed and heal them.
Not the end of the road but at least death is behind them. It's busy with loved ones who are still there.
Waste from the voracity of the economy.
Always, where there are the greatest baseness of human beings, where the black color seems to cover everything, come the brightest lights of our species. Such is the history of the universe. Nothing exists unless there is its opposite.